Executive Checklist to Transitioning Processes

on June 10, 2015


Publishing executives are faced with myriad challenges in the digital era and must acquire the necessary skills and technologies to keep pace, including working with external partners.

To keep pace, companies need to look at where and how they can work with external partners.

About this brief

In this latest segment of Theorem’s Digital Innovation Series, we explore how transitioning marketing activities to an external partner can offer:

  • Tangible and intangible benefits including reduced costs, shorter turnaround, access to the right infrastructure, best practices, and diversified platforms
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention as they focus more on value-added and strategic activities
  • Adaptability by reducing administrative burden and overhead
  • Ongoing infusions of innovation and intellectual insight


A priority when working with partners is learning how to ask the right questions. Find out which questions to ask, including how to build collaborative teams, business continuity plans, and results-oriented service level agreements.

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Kara DegeorgisExecutive Checklist to Transitioning Processes

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