Digital Innovation Series: Publishing’s Change Agenda

on June 10, 2015


Essential reading for media executives who are exploring strategies to update their digital capabilities.

Navigating market change requires staying one step ahead of the digital landscape. This brief provides insight into the trends having the biggest impact on the media enterprise.

About this brief

Trends Reshaping the Landscape and Publishers’ Change Agendaprovides new insights on key trends impacting the publishing executive’s change agenda:

  • Insight into the shift of media dollars
  • Implications of the always-on-consumer
  • How programmatic can most effectively be leveraged


A priority when working with partners is learning how to ask the right questions. Find out which questions to ask, including how to build collaborative teams, business continuity plans, and results-oriented service level agreements.

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Kara DegeorgisDigital Innovation Series: Publishing’s Change Agenda

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