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Smart marketing decisions are based on data. Smarter decisions are based on how you use it. Learn more about how we’re driving real business results with Marketing Intelligence Management.

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Marketing Intelligence Management includes a comprehensive suite of services, software and deep domain expertise that arms marketers with the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

A data-informed strategic roadmap and plan helps you make sense of your data and to support efforts to access, share, and manage data.

What are the company’s policies for managing data?  Data governance methods and processes cover information access policies based on role.

Pull, cleanse, map, integrate and present data so there is a cross-channel view of performance.

End-to-end analytics management for marketing programs, including predictive analytics and data strategy as well as statistical and data mining models to improve effectiveness.

Develop a results-driven infrastructure to support analytics decision-making.

Theorem leverages its own proprietary technologies in combination with best-in-class technologies to deliver a flexible, scalable platform to manage data.

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Top Brands, Agencies, Publishers and Networks Rely on Theorem to Manage Their Data

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Data, Data Everywhere

Your data is in the cloud, in spreadsheets, and in every transaction or communication with customers. How do you get an integrated view of marketing performance? Theorem Analytics provides a reliable platform to pull data, map the data, integrate and activate.

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