Our Services: Marketing Data & Analytics

Helping Clients Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

Theorem provides the data, tools and expertise to help you better understand how your digital marketing and advertising initiatives are performing and provide the insights to drive revenue, maximize returns from digital channels, and engage audiences more effectively.

advanced analytics

Data Management

Deal more effectively with the proliferation of data collected through digital channels by leveraging our tools and data management specialists who expertly collect, cleanse, normalize and seamlessly integrate data from its source.

digital analytics


Overcome data overload and get the support you need to analyze marketing performance by automating the delivery of reports and dashboards through Theorem Analytics™ or by leveraging our reporting specialists to build custom reports.

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Advanced Analytics

Combining highly detailed quantitative insight with statistical models to discover opportunities for higher performance, greater efficiency, and more valuable customer experiences.

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Analytics Platform

Our proprietary technologies allow you to combine your disparate data sources into one central repository, automate creation and delivery of reports, and create flexible dashboards that deliver a single view of performance.

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