Don’t Be Blinded by Data’s Dazzle

on May 16, 2016

Theorem’s Lisa Meyer fears being seduced by data – and missing the need for actual insight.

Last Fall, my colleague here at Theorem, Mary Beth Sousa, gave us all a timely reminder: Let’s Stop Focusing on Data and Get Back to the Message. Her concern: how the lure of big data is threatening to overwhelm teams with just too much of the ‘good stuff.’

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Brad KitchenDon’t Be Blinded by Data’s Dazzle

Consumer-Centric Series: Programmatic Media Buying

on May 4, 2016

More business are turning to programmatic to stay competitive in today’s noisy digital space.

Discover how programmatic media buying can help you identify the moments that maximize brand impact and performance goals.

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Brad KitchenConsumer-Centric Series: Programmatic Media Buying

Infographic: 10 Trends for Publishers

on May 4, 2016

From partner alliances to the rise of programmatic buying, Theorem identifies 10 key trends driving the evolution of digital publishing in 2016.

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Brad KitchenInfographic: 10 Trends for Publishers

Infographic: A Round Up of 5 Key Trends

on February 1, 2016

The FaR Agency panel highlights the key trends that influenced the digital advertising industry in 2015 – from ad blocking to partnerships.

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Kara DegeorgisInfographic: A Round Up of 5 Key Trends

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Is the Ultimate Destination, but…

on July 6, 2015


…you don’t have to go all the way there in one leap. Theorem Inc.’s delivery head, Manuel Moreta, discusses the steps necessary for moving towards Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO).

No one would deny that one of the major drivers of change in the digital marketing sector is the move to user-centric design. And it’s got to be seen as a positive development. Why? Because the only way to create compelling, personalized content that really connects with target groups is to make sure it’s produced at the most individualized, customized level possible.

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Kara DegeorgisDynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Is the Ultimate Destination, but…