Five Best Practices for Migrating to a New Ad Platform

on March 21, 2017

 Best Practices for Migrating to a New Ad Platform

Advertising platform migrations don’t have to be painful – or prolonged. Theorem’s latest report shares our best practices for an efficient, hiccup-free transition.

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Brad KitchenFive Best Practices for Migrating to a New Ad Platform

Theorem’s Breakfast Perspectives

on October 11, 2016
We’re excited to host the Theorem Breakfast Perspective in London!
‘Proving the Value of Campaigns – How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness in a Digital Age’
We’ll be discussing media owner measurement, which has recently filled the top spot in Theorem’s Media Agency Panel feedback. As such, it’s clear that insufficient post campaign measurement is holding back spend in digital. Through our exciting speaker line-up from different areas of digital, we aim to shine light on this important area, and host debates between leading experts of the digital media industry. We hope to see you there!
This is an invitation only event. Contact us if you would like to attend.
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Brad KitchenTheorem’s Breakfast Perspectives

Infographic: 10 Trends for Publishers

on May 4, 2016

From partner alliances to the rise of programmatic buying, Theorem identifies 10 key trends driving the evolution of digital publishing in 2016.

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Brad KitchenInfographic: 10 Trends for Publishers

Infographic: A Round Up of 5 Key Trends

on February 1, 2016

The FaR Agency panel highlights the key trends that influenced the digital advertising industry in 2015 – from ad blocking to partnerships.

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Kara DegeorgisInfographic: A Round Up of 5 Key Trends

Infographic: Are your digital ads being seen?

on January 19, 2016

An ad served doesn’t necessarily mean an ad viewed, and digital advertisers, agencies and publishers are catching on as the industry shifts toward valuing viewable – rather than served – impressions. So what affects an ad’s viewability? It depends on who you ask. Theorem conducted a study on the present and future of online ad viewability with partner InSkin Media to analyze the most important factors.

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wpress-adminInfographic: Are your digital ads being seen?