Is There Still a Need to Debate the Flash-versus-HTML5 Question?

on June 23, 2015


Theorem Inc.’s delivery head, Manuel Moreta, says it’s time for still-hesitant chief marketing officers to make a decision here.

Where do you stand in the great Flash-versus-HTML5 debate? Aren’t we past that debate? I’m not saying it’s not an issue, as I’ll explain. And yes, there are still reasons to be aware of and favor Flash. But HTML5 is really where you need to be right now. Why am I so sure? Let’s take a quick rearview mirror glance at the road so far and what’s led us here.

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Kara DegeorgisIs There Still a Need to Debate the Flash-versus-HTML5 Question?

What’s Your QA Procedure? What Small Publishers Can Do to Avoid Landmines

on June 10, 2015


When the question “what worries you” most comes up, I find that while the answer will often be much the same across businesses in a given industry, it will change over time.

From a publishing and Ad Operations perspective, protecting yourself from malicious attacks or malvertising (malware+ advertising) is top of mind where cyber-criminals use display advertising to distribute different forms of malware. That’s also the type of feedback that comes out of IAB-style conferences and in conversations with clients. People want to know how to flag it, how to address it, and how to prevent it.

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Kara DegeorgisWhat’s Your QA Procedure? What Small Publishers Can Do to Avoid Landmines

Wearable Tech and What it Means to Advertisers

on June 10, 2015


Wearables have become more pervasive among mainstream audiences, and with Apple scheduled to release additional information this week about its much anticipated iWatch, the wearable will become important not only among a new set of users but also among advertisers. 

Apple’s announcement will likely include a release date for the iWatch, and a slew of new users will follow. Plus, a new screen is to be introduced. And if the second-screen experience causes a shift in the ways users experience content, it would be equally monumental—but different in its impact.

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Kara DegeorgisWearable Tech and What it Means to Advertisers

The Crucial Role of Campaign Verification

on June 10, 2015


As digital advertising climbed toward an estimated $170 billion last year, marketers are battling a dramatic rise in traffic fraud. Theorem is helping them in the fight.

I recently met with a client who is head of ad operations at a major print and digital media company that generates revenue from both advertising and subscriptions. The client told me he has never been under greater pressure. The cause of that pressure? Advertising customers’ growing apprehensions over ad fraud and their demand for proof that their ads displayed correctly and were consumed by actual humans. 

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Kara DegeorgisThe Crucial Role of Campaign Verification

Get Up-to-Date on Data

on June 10, 2015


Are you in planning mode for a new digital advertising, e-mail, or social media marketing campaign? Then it’s crucial to make sure you have the right list to make your project fly.

A plethora of data is of course available, but what type is right to meet your particular goals and budget? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and differences between, first-, second-, and third-party data.

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Kara DegeorgisGet Up-to-Date on Data