Get Up-to-Date on Data

on June 10, 2015


Are you in planning mode for a new digital advertising, e-mail, or social media marketing campaign? Then it’s crucial to make sure you have the right list to make your project fly.

A plethora of data is of course available, but what type is right to meet your particular goals and budget? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and differences between, first-, second-, and third-party data.

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Kara DegeorgisGet Up-to-Date on Data

The Evolving Advertiser-Agency-Publisher Value Chain

on June 10, 2015


The digital revolution has placed new demands on the fragile relationships that exist between advertisers, their agencies, and the publishers that provide the audiences and the channels for messaging.

Digital campaigns have provided new opportunities and new means to reach consumers and deliver targeted content and messaging, but the nearly limitless choices and flexibility related to the timing, placement, and formats of digital ads have added multiple layers of complexity and have introduced inefficiencies into operations that support digital marketing initiatives.

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Kara DegeorgisThe Evolving Advertiser-Agency-Publisher Value Chain

Plugging the Relationship Gap

on June 10, 2015


Building Lasting Relationships with the Always-On-Consumer – Part 2: Plugging the Relationship Gap

Consumer researchers say many companies don’t understand customer relationships and manage them unevenly, which leads to problems that damage the long-term relationship with customers. The authors of a Harvard Business Review research report titled Unlock the Mysteries of Your Customer Relationships say many companies lack relational intelligence, meaning that they fail to understand “the variety of relationships customers can have with a firm and don’t know how to reinforce or change those connections.”

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Kara DegeorgisPlugging the Relationship Gap

Building Lasting Relationships with the Always-On Social Consumer

on June 9, 2015


Both the way consumers interact with brands and those consumers’ expectations about how companies should respond to those interactions have undergone seismic shifts.

The recent rise in mobile capabilities—in particular, smartphones and tablets in the past six or seven years—has led to the emergence of the empowered, always-on consumer. And in this new, consumer-oriented environment, reaching out to and interacting with consumers have become more-complex endeavors for companies. That’s why brand marketers have to learn to become continuously relevant and responsive to the needs and desires of connected customers.

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Kara DegeorgisBuilding Lasting Relationships with the Always-On Social Consumer