Theorem’s Breakfast Perspectives

on October 11, 2016
We’re excited to host the Theorem Breakfast Perspective in London!
‘Proving the Value of Campaigns – How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness in a Digital Age’
We’ll be discussing media owner measurement, which has recently filled the top spot in Theorem’s Media Agency Panel feedback. As such, it’s clear that insufficient post campaign measurement is holding back spend in digital. Through our exciting speaker line-up from different areas of digital, we aim to shine light on this important area, and host debates between leading experts of the digital media industry. We hope to see you there!
This is an invitation only event. Contact us if you would like to attend.
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Brad KitchenTheorem’s Breakfast Perspectives

Pushing Past Viewability’s Limitations

on August 12, 2016

Dominic Finney, VP of Digital Strategy at Theorem, discusses how to push past the limitations posed by current viewability standards. 

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Brad KitchenPushing Past Viewability’s Limitations

Overcoming Ad Blocking Barriers

on June 13, 2016

Dominic Finney, VP of Digital Strategy at Theorem, discusses the widely debated issue of ad blocking as a core challenge to overcome in a fragmented digital space.

At a recent Innovation Roundtable dinner in New York that we held in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for stakeholders in the media world, key themes emerged on what marketing practitioners really worry about in these fast-moving times. Let’s look at what those themes were.

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Brad KitchenOvercoming Ad Blocking Barriers

Navigating Today’s Complex Digital Space

on June 1, 2016

Theorem’s VP of Digital Strategy, Dominic Finney, explains how to tackle the roadblocks facing today’s rapidly evolving media market.

That was the hottest topic at a recent—and fascinating—Innovation Roundtable Dinner in New York that Theorem convened in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and the participants were pretty motivated to find answers.

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Brad KitchenNavigating Today’s Complex Digital Space