Culture Theory

Our Culture Theory

At Theorem, we believe that culture fit is about more than getting along on a personal level.

To us, culture fit is about contributing to a cause bigger than oneself. It’s about working with great people to accomplish a common goal that creates value for others and makes us feel good about ourselves. We know that strong teams are composed of a combination of skills and behaviors. At the heart of every organization are the universal skills and behaviors that each team member embodies. It is these overarching skills and behaviors coupled with a core belief in unified goals that push us to strive for excellence both personally and professionally.

Collectively we are optimizing today and building tomorrow. We do this by offering clients cutting edge, solution-centric practical digital marketing transformation with a human touch. We believe that digital transformation happens when you combine top performing people and technology, along with the proven ability to implement solutions. That is why we earned the trust of the biggest brands in the world.



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 Divided in experience but united by our mission, we are domain experts, implementers, and consultants who pride ourselves on solution-centric offerings and delivery excellence. As a part of our overall mission, we strive to show our clients how to strategize, implement, and optimize marketing solutions to meet their goals. We strive to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, delivering work we are proud of and working with a team we believe in every day.

At Theorem, a team is not just a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust and believe in each other and a unified purpose

Our Core Skills & Behaviors

​We aspire to a higher level of service by holding our company and employees to a core set of skills and behaviors. If you can relate to these values, skills and behaviors and they exemplify qualities that you want in your co-workers, you will thrive as a theorem team member.

The ability to be proactive and responsive to evolving projects and problems. Approach everything with an open mind and adaptable attitude.
Consistently shows up prepared and on time. Listening actively and reflectively to be responsive in a timely manner with an appropriate solution.
Trust is the cornerstone of all great teams. Without the ability to trust your team and work together towards a common goal, there can be no great achievements.
Enjoying what you do, who you work with and striving to enhance your work daily.
Take full responsibility of your successes and your failures. Be direct while being respectful, with everyone. Own your thoughts, ideas, projects and work and take pride in them.
Openly communicate with everyone both internally and externally. Setting and meeting realistic goals and expectations.
Embrace Diversity
Embracing and integrating the distinct perspectives of each member of the team to create a well rounded organization. The best teams are the ones that are the most diverse.
Owning up to your mistakes and taking what you learned into the next challenge is key. Mistakes are a part of learning.
Questioning the status quo on a constant basis in order to constantly improve. Recognizing potential issues and solving them before they become problems.

Optimize Today, Build Tomorrow

When you constantly strive to elevate your behaviors and skills, new personal and professional growth possibilities will follow. 

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