Four Mega Trends Affecting Marketing Today

Many executives have their opinions about the transformations that will most impact the marketing efforts of organizations around-the-globe. Having partnered with leading corporations across a myriad of industries, our CEO Jay Kulkarni wanted share his thoughts on the trends that he personally believes are changing the game for marketers now and all have a massive impact on the marketing landscape in the very near future.


Current consolidation trends among martech and ad tech, the continued prominence of the big 4 “walled gardens,” points to a migration from stand alone and discrete channels, where each channel offered a niche service i.e. search, mobile or social to consolidated platforms that allows engagement with each customer across a multitude of touch points within that platform. Platforms that offer integration across channels will rise.

Taking time to develop a roadmap that answers and aligns with company-specific initiatives can help drive higher performance and better margins.


Platforms that offer connections to real people as opposed to aggregated audiences will get more traction and will in turn attract more regulation. The expectation of the consumer to have a high touch experience across channels will drive them to share their PII with brands that win their trust. Brands with this level of loyalty will be empowered to have one to one communication with their end “consumer,” as opposed to aggregated audiences.


Current marketing initiatives are in different swim lanes; in the on line and off line world, by different channels across social, mobile etc. This “asynchronous” marketing will move to the ability to communicate with the end consumer in the here and now in a “contextual” setting. Always connected consumers will facilitate this contextual based data sharing.


AI will help move marketing from diagnostic, look backwards to predict the future behavioral patterns to becoming more predictive in almost real time. Not all predictive needs to be in “real-real time,” even quasi real time will be a huge leap over the diagnostic approach.

Understanding and integrated these trends into your organizations marketing is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the curve. If you haven’t already, take a deep dive into each of these trends and see how they are or soon will be effecting the way you strategize your marketing. From there, you can evaluate how best to embrace these transformations to prepare your brand for the year ahead.  

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