Amazon Fire and AT&T

A High-Profile Product Launch


An Exciting Partnership

For the launch of the Amazon Fire Phone, AT&T partnered with Theorem to provide an informative and concise digital ad that would showcase the features of the new product within the digital medium.


Tight Lips & Tighter Deadlines

Because of the high-profile nature of this flagship product, Theorem had to work quickly and discreetly in order to produce for the client a high-quality ad that would heighten consumer awareness of the new phone.


Video Engagement

The use of video to illustrate the phone’s various features made the ad experience a clear and concise message about the value of this new device.


Mobile Promoting Mobile

Witness the debut creative that promoted Amazon’s flagship phone. Experience the concise messaging and detailed branding that made this unit successful.

Kara DegeorgisAmazon Fire and AT&T