Babies “R” Us Happy Places

Inspiring Parents to Create their Child’s Dream Room


Design-Centric, with a Competitive Edge

Babies “R” Us needed a user-friendly digital lookbook that not only showcased featured rooms and products but also promoted awareness and drove traffic to the company’s in-store sweepstakes event.


Content That’s Easy on the Eyes

Products, designer tips, and event info: We were looking at a very busy layout. We needed to create something that was aesthetic as well as user-friendly. Our solution: combine a static tool bar and a pop-out menu.


Smooth Transitions and Intuitive Navigation

A minimal tool bar and hidden menu left the remaining canvas to beautiful imagery and product hot spots. Each hot spot featured a Buy Now button that let the user purchase products directly from the Babies “R” Us Web site.


Execution Worthy of a Grand Prize

The digital lookbook was viewed by audiences across the United States. Each detail that got added to the experience served to successfully increase sales, raise awareness and drive traffic to the in-store Happy Places Sweepstakes for a dream room.

conceptualized by & created for PadSquad


Dive into Your Dream Bedroom

Immerse yourself in the Babies “R” Us digital lookbook. Take a tour through the intuitive navigation, animated hot spots, and designer tips. Just because this ad is no longer running, doesn’t mean you’ve missed out!

Kara DegeorgisBabies “R” Us