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Ad Platform

The company is an advertising technology foundation that enables the creation, transaction, and management of digital ads for creators, buyers, and sellers. Principally, the company provides ad technology services for publishers, advertisers, agencies, ad networks, and third-party providers.


Demand for Scale

The challenge the company faced was to provide on-the-ground support, expertise, and training for clients in the Asia Pacific region. The endeavor required not only flying a company expert to Asia from the United States or the United Kingdom but also an understanding of local market needs, work practices, and culture.


Support Growth

The network began to look at how it could best meet client needs in the Asia Pacific region. It needed support in training new clients and setting them up on the platform. It also needed ongoing support with queries and troubleshooting in how to handle uncertainties.


Global Consulting

Theorem’s consultants traveled to Australia, Singapore, and other parts of India to help clients. The partnership with Theorem gave the company’s clients assistance with: initial setup on the relevant platform, full team support in migrating from a different platform, and support in tracking and reporting client-specific campaign performance.


Migration Relief

 Whether the clients were start-up organizations adopting platforms for the first time or organizations migrating from existing platforms, Theorem undertook the task to help with adoption. We provided network setup and platform education, troubleshooting, and online training of end users on how to work within the platform interface.


Migration Relief

The trusted relationship built with Theorem led to an extended partnership with the company, and the extensive support for Asia Pacific clients continued, ultimately with many of the company’s clients. 

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