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Leveraging Marketing–Leading Campaign Management Capabilities


Marketing Analytics Platform

A leading, next-generation marketing analytics platform that enables marketers to better understand and engage consumers in a programmatic world no matter what devices those consumers are using. With 16 offices in 11 countries, Theorem’s client serves more than 700 brands worldwide.


Demand for Scale

The company was founded on the premise that data science could actually make marketing better—not just by becoming more efficient for agencies or more profitable for brands but more personalized, more relevant, and more engaging for consumers, too. Today it offers an open, next-generation marketing analytics platform that enables marketers to turn petabytes of data into executable intelligence. Indeed, the company’s ability to find and retain enough employees with the right skills to support a burgeoning portfolio of services was one of the few things that could have stood in the way of growth for them.


Support Growth

The company began to seek a partner that could bring to the table the skills that would help its internal team manage campaigns for an expanding client base. This included high-level end-to-end campaign management skills that will help them scale up quickly to meet growing global demand.


Setup, Optimization, and Reporting

To optimally produce great campaigns, Theorem conducted a series of workshops with their client teams to incorporate best practices into the company’s then current processes and make process improvements that would streamline and improve ultimate campaign delivery.


Support Relief

Theorem assembled a highly experienced campaign team. The team included members with diverse sets of skills who could manage and optimize the campaigns. We designed the engagement to fully support their clients and adhere to best-practice processes along the way.


Record-Breaking Growth

The client has enhanced its campaign delivery capabilities and its resiliency as a business. Theorem was able to produce such results by weaving massive amounts of data into their client’s proprietary platform while never losing sight of the client’s overall strategic objectives.

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