Robust Campaign Analytics

Provides Gamut with Visualization

for a Differentiated Customer Experience


Streamlined Service

Gamut, the newest brand in the Cox Media Group family, is a digital media service company that serves agencies and publishers, programmatically and direct. Gamut’s services align planning, research, inventory, and execution into a single smart service offeringWith advanced technology and human understanding, Gamut excels at identifying areas of each client’s business ripe for automation, and inserting the right solution to complement and inform their entire strategy. 


Relief that Meets High Quality Standards

Gamut is differentiated by the high quality of service it provides clients. Its media strategists and digital sales teams depend on having timely and accurate information so they can plan and optimize campaigns, keep clients informed, and offer the high-touch service clients have come to expect. Client-facing account executives are supported by a sales analytics team that delivers the campaign performance information those executives need. Sales analytics leadership realized the company needed a better process to support the business as it grew. They began a search for tools and service providers that could help simplify and automate the campaign analytics effort. 

Theorem Analytics can accommodate changes much more flexibly—and in near real-time. It easily supports super users in the ability to drag and drop content to make a report real-time.


A Holistic Platform

After evaluating a number of potential solutions, Gamut selected Theorem as its service provider and Theorem Analytics™ as its analytics solution. Theorem Analytics cost-effectively met many of the challenges Gamut was facing: it offered a central repository for data, easy customization to meet Gamut’s individual needs, and the ability to change rapidly as client needs changed.


Developing an Automated Solution

Gamut and Theorem worked together to implement in less than six months Gamut’s new analytics technology and support services. Gamut also needed the tool to be capable of assigning different key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to each of hundreds of campaigns and thousands of line items in process and display campaign analytics based on the selected KPIs.

“Gamut needed a solution that was scalable so we teamed with Theorem to give us custom capabilities that worked with our data and processes. As a result, they made it a much better product for Gamut. In almost every case, my need is addressed quickly and without issue. I can’t ask for better service than that.”

Traci Will, Director


Trusted Value

Gamut’s new analytics solution greatly simplifies—and speeds up—the campaign analytics process. Analyst time that was once consumed in the creation of pivot tables in spreadsheets is now spent generating insights from data. Sales representatives no longer have to wait for an analyst to respond to their requests; they can know immediately how a digital campaign is performing simply by logging in to Theorem Analytics and glancing at campaign data presented in an easily consumable format. 

That ability to stay informed in real time, combined with the freeing up of more analyst time to generate insights, helps Gamut provide a higher level of customer service. As a firm that is grounded in applying a human understanding to data, Gamut has become better able to fulfill that promise.

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