Connecting Health Plans with Customers

Helping Consumers Find Insurance Plans that Meet their Needs


Advocates of Wellness

A $50-billion health-care-insurance provider with 9.5 million members prepared for the health insurance industry’s transition by investing in user-friendly tools and messages.


Opening the Door

Among the many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as health-care reform, was the formation of state and private exchange insurance marketplaces, which for the first time created certain opportunities for health insurers to attract new and existing customers to inform them about medical coverage options.


Assessing the Painpoints

We constructed a strategic framework to align all digital media tactics and measurements for the entire consumer journey throughout the campaign. Then we maximized client budget and minimized waste through technological targeting against the addressable and in-market audience.


Providing the Tools

We engaged consumers by providing access to a subsidy calculator that demonstrates the potential cost savings from the purchase of an insurance plan. And, so as to maximize acquisitions, we enable consumers to enroll either through the federal and state exchanges, through the call center, or on the insurance company’s Web site.


Executing Strategy

We developed a geotargeted digital media campaign, with media places in contextually relevant environments on desktops and mobile devices for top-of-mind consideration. We also used auction-based digital media for cost-effective reach and scale. And we optimized media performance and extracted actionable insights from data.


Informed, Happy Customers

The industry-leading health-care insurance provider successfully communicated its differentiation in the marketplace and educated consumers on health-care reform. The multichannel media strategy tested various media tactics to build awareness of the insurance provider’s insurance plans and drive traffic to the ACA-focused microsite. 

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