Supporting Greatness

Technical Execution of a Timeless Vision


Apparel Pioneers

Founded in 1876, Jockey International, Inc., is a privately held company with headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Today, Jockey apparel products – underwear, socks, thermals, sleepwear, active wear, sportswear, and lounge wear in men’s, women’s, and children’s – are sold in major department and specialty stores in more than 140 countries around the world. Jockey is committed to quality, comfort, fashion, and innovation.


A Cry for Creative Support

Jockey introduced an integrated marketing campaign under the platform Supporting Greatness, which features baseball legend Babe Ruth, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Gen. George Patton. The underwear brand brought to life its rich history of quality-crafted products by showcasing the legacy of great men who were supported by Jockey during their remarkable careers. As Jockey embarked on building the campaign, its e-commerce group recognized that even though it had a creative plan for the way the digital components would come together, it needed creative production help to meet its targeted timeline. Knowing Theorem as a trusted brand with strong production capabilities, Jockey turned to Theorem for its digital muscle.


Engaging Greatness

As an integral part of its marketing campaign, Jockey needed a microsite as a destination for consumers who wanted more information on the campaign and the Jockey products it featured. When it contracted with Theorem, Jockey needed the microsite produced quickly so as to coincide with the launch of the campaign’s television advertising component.


Parallax Interaction

Adding to the complexity, the creative treatment for the campaign required the microsite to use parallax scrolling, whereby content scrolls at different speeds to create a sense of perspective and depth. In this instance, each time a consumer scrolled through the page, a different interactive storytelling experience would occur. Parallax scrolling is rapidly gaining in popularity, but it requires a more complex level of development that many sites cannot accommodate. Theorem’s experienced developers were quick to engage to build the microsite. 


Strong Execution on a Tight Deadline

Utilizing its rapid-activation approach, Theorem followed a process that concretely established the strategy, project scope, and deliverables and enabled the developers to creatively iterate faster—ultimately more aligned to Jockey’s vision and strategic goals. The team worked seven days a week to complete development of the microsite, which had three levels of depth and three dimensions. Throughout the project, Theorem’s Dominican Republic–based developers were in close communication with Jockey, available as needed to talk and to respond to any needed changes. Parallax scrolling involves the use of heavy animation, which can slow page loading and which does not always function smoothly across all browsers. Theorem’s developers were able to overcome those issues and complete the project as planned.


A Successful Partnership

This was Theorem’s first project with Jockey, and the project’s success spurred the start of an ongoing relationship. The microsite was a critical and strategic element in Jockey’s multichannel, integrated Supporting Greatness campaign. The campaign received millions of impressions, positive reaction from news media, and high levels of engagement on social media.


Digital Storytelling

Witness an interactive, digital storytelling experience. Explore the layers of parallax scrolling and complex technical executions that make this unique engagement a great success.

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