Macy’s INC Spring Catalog

A Classic Lookbook – with a Modern Touch


Print-style, with Digital Benefits

Macy’s wanted to capture the look and feel of a traditional print lookbook that would have the benefits of a digital approach.


Live Hot Spots, One-touch Purchasing

Because the ad was to be created digitally, we could let users browse the lookbook, find more information, and purchase anything they liked with ease.


Making it Work

The result was a multipage lookbook of the Macy’s INC spring collection. Users could activate hot spots to learn more about a given look and purchase items with a single touch.


Truly Postive Results

The INC digital lookbook engaged users and achieved outstanding results. The company was so pleased with the results that they asked us to do the same thing for the summer collection.

conceptualized by & created for PadSquad


See it All in Action

Explore various styles of men’s fashion in the Macy’s INC spring digital lookbook. Experience the intuitive navigation and interactive hot spots. Just because this ad is no longer running doesn’t mean you’ve missed out!

Kara DegeorgisMacy’s INC