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How Theorem Helped Transform

a Nationwide Retail Brand’s Email Marketing


Retail in Need of a Revamp

Theorem works alongside a leading cloudbased customer experience platform to deliver seamless, micro-targeted email campaigns for a nationwide retail brand. The client needed to create a cohesive and consistent digital experience, while personalizing dynamic content to meet the individual consumers’ realtime needs. The brand found that customers who shop across channels are 8x more valuable than those who shop in a single channel. Therefore, their goal was to provide the shopper with the best experience in whatever way he or she chooses to interact with the brand: mobile, desktop, store, or all of them together.

Our Solution

Ensuring a Smooth Journey

Theorem plays a critical role in designing custom solutions that thread data from multiple sources, process the data to analyze past campaign performance and audience engagement levels and generate patterns to formulate rules that will determine engaging, 1:1 email marketing campaigns. Theorem also ensures that the customer’s journey at each touch point runs smoothly by monitoring the back-end activity and providing technical support. This process and support guarantees that the right message is getting to the right customer at the appropriate time.


One Step Ahead

The only way you can successfully target consumers in realtime is to always be ahead of them. A foundation of strong analytics helps Theorem formulate tactics that will connect the brand to its audience, and provide guidance throughout their journey. Since establishing this methodology, the client has had a significant increase in sales trend and an improvement in natural margin. With more than 50% of traffic coming through mobile, omnichannel marketing has proven to be a strategic advantage. They’ve also doubled their spend in mobile search, to be where the customer is at any given moment and providing a simple, seamless experience.

“The customer is changing incredibly fast. Whether she’s in a store; whether she’s on her phone; whether she’s commuting; whether she’s just out running errands, she wants to be constantly connected and in the moment. And, whatever rate of change you think you need to move to be where she is, you need to go faster.”

Chief Omnichannel Officer

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