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Movie Rental Company Seeks to Connect with Loyal Base

Through a collaborative partnership with a leading cloud-based customer-experience platform, Theorem has helped a video retailer personalize its customer connections. The client, a provider of video rentals via automated retailer kiosks, wanted to be able to personalize emails sent to its 40-million-subscriber base. One of the client’s key goals for those emails was to generate awareness among customers of its full range of services and capabilities by basing the messages on customers’ behaviors. Focus areas included online reservation conversion, mobile and games engagement, loyalty programs, and reactivation of lapsed customers.

Our Solution

Personalizing the Journey

Theorem plays a key role in designing customized approaches so that clients can achieve audience engagement and generate awareness and loyalty through 1:1 email marketing campaigns. By connecting each piece of a client’s customer engagement program, a client can quickly build personalized messages for new, active, and lapsed customers. For this video retailer client, Theorem designed messages that (1) connected with the places that customers are on their journeys, such as personalized title recommendations and loyalty programs, and (2) provided the client with insights into services that customers might not know about. Drawing on Theorem’s digital marketing and analytics expertise, the client became able to measure elements of campaign effectiveness, such as level of enrollment into specific programs, percentage of online reservations, and overall lift rates.


The Whole Picture

By building a collaborative, customer-focused initiative, Theorem helped the client achieve significant customer lift and awareness. During a six-month period, the video retailer built five custom email journeys to engage with its customers and create awareness about its full range of services. The client benefited from a 54% lift in open rates among new customers, a 39% increase in online engagement, a 2.5% increase in loyalty program sign-ups, and overall increased customer awareness of the retailer’s mobile and games offerings.

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