Flexible Data Management Enables Delivery


Creative Strategists

Sitewire is a digital-services agency that builds campaigns across media for a wide range of brands. The firm specializes in strategy, social media, influencer marketing, search, media, development, analytics, and business insights. Sitewire works alongside its clients to build campaign ideas by combining strategy with business insights. The ability to access first- and third-party data that helps with reporting for clients is critical to ensuring Sitewire has full capability to build strong and up-to-date campaigns for the brands it serves.


Rebuilding the Marketing Experience

The abundance of data across multiple platforms combined with the explosive growth of social media has required a new approach to the building of brands’ marketing experiences. Digital agencies have to be able to both gather all of those forms of data and manage the data so as to produce strong, incisive reports for their clients. Progressive digital agencies are looking not only at the tools and technologies that help them build reports but also at the back-end knowledge that helps them manage their data and quickly overcome any challenges that could hinder their ability to serve clients by building strong and differentiated brand campaigns.

An internal data warehouse and migration of data to the warehouse.
Fast data aggregation that would facilitate immediate use of the data.
Back-end software and support to maintain the environment in which the data is stored.
Support to manage data cleanliness so as to reduce errors in building reports.


Third Party Support

To help its clients decide on how best to invest their advertising budgets, Sitewire needed visualization capabilities that would enable the firm to build reports that were both visually powerful and strong on data.


Information Partners

Sitewire trusted Theorem’s expertise in pulling and aggregating data, as well as in the areas of quality assurance and problem solving. The partnership enables Sitewire to focus on building reports for the brands it serves while leaving back-end data management to the Theorem. They also leveraged Theorem to manage the data warehouse, including the selection of back-end software. 


Trusted Value

Sitewire turned to Theorem to help develop a custom data management solution. Theorem’s comprehensive and flexible offering frees Sitewire to focus on its core competencies and deliver value to its clients. They are able to build better communications with the brands Sitewire serves and to deliver high-value, high-impact reports to clients.


Secure Data Utilization

The relationship between Theorem and Sitewire evolved as the client’s needs changed. For instance, by adapting its data management services, Theorem responded to new needs and challenges Sitewire faced. That flexibility, combined with the global expertise Theorem offers, gives Sitewire peace of mind by creating a level of trust in the data Sitewire uses for building client reports.

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