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Rapid benchmarking helps deliver insights to drive performance,

restructure teams and create new processes


Publisher Seeks Better Performance

The digital business wanted to pinpoint areas where they could improve performance. Time Inc. UK (formerly IPC Media) wanted to know why they were underperforming, what to change and what the size of the opportunity was.

Our Solution

A Holistic Execution

We used the MOT to benchmark all areas of IPC’s commercial performance. Our expert team helped change ad-assets, organizational structure, processes, tech and reporting.


A Holistic Platform

The solution strategy implemented created multiple revenue streams (ads, subs, offers, classified). Time Inc. UK achieved over £1m incremental revenue in one year. 

“The organization’s expertise and use of tailored benchmarking products has helped Time Inc. UK understand the key drivers required to enhance its digital sales operation, which has led to a re-structure of our digital advertising teams, prioritization of advertising effort and the development of new digital advertising products.”

Neil Robinson, Board Member, Time Inc. UK

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