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to address growing pressures of viewability


Channeling Innovation

Known for its risk taking and innovation, this TV broadcaster has been an influential force across the UK TV and independent-film sectors. The organization has an overarching mission to demonstrate innovation and creativity in the form and content of its programming, which makes it one of the most dominant forces in the media sector. This past year, with its business model focused on experimentation, the client successfully launched a premium video programmatic advertising exchange to support its existing branded-content and creative-solutions offering, making it a standout in the marketplace.


Tuning into Digital Disruption

Given the client’s position in the market, measurement was a top priority in proving delivery of its advertising product to the target audience. That’s why the client wanted a deeper analysis of the ways other publishers and broadcasters were changing their own business models and strategies to address the growing pressures of viewability. The client also wanted insights on how those buy-side pressures were affecting its own business model and the ways the model should change in order to respond to the new form of measurement.

Our Solution

A Call for Actionable Insights

To better understand how the sell side has responded to buy-side pressures, Theorem tapped its Media Agency Panel, a group of agency executives who represent a spectrum of agency sizes and types and who provide market insights on the industry’s burning issues of the day. With a fact base by which to validate how the market was evolving and to analyze new market forces in play, Theorem developed a clear set of recommendations for the client’s short-term, midterm, and long-term strategies for managing viewability. Theorem also set forth a clear set of actionable next steps for implementation of a combination of technological and data solutions. Then Theorem supported the client’s vendor request-for-proposal process by providing insights and counsel on potential solutions that aligned with the client’s requirements.


Business Model Transformation

The client moved swiftly from plan to execution and is currently implementing new processes, applying a third-party tool to transition the business, and embracing needed changes to its business model. The macro recommendations were followed to transform other parts of the business and helped establish several complementary work streams, including one focused on product innovation. With a clear strategy and the right underlying tools, the client has taken a strong approach to viewability and can demonstrate a connection between ads in view and increases in key-performance-indicator areas at the same time it is establishing a credible baseline for digital ad campaign performance.

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