Cross-Platform Marketing

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West Coast Smile Vigilantes

A California-based dental device company that was seeing fast growth of an innovative type of orthodontic treatment


Stepping Out of the Telebox

A medical device company introducing a new product via television needed to stretch its advertising budget and drive more consumer responses. The company was prepared to take advantage of its digital media for the first time in order to supplement and extend the impact of its media dollars. The goal was to ramp up the program in the second year by utilizing the prior year’s results to boost budgets and support an optimal metrics model that would include cost per unique visitor and cost per qualified response.


Measurable Expectations

We began by establishing the effectiveness of digital media and demonstrating how an integrated campaign can attract cost-effective, unique Web site visitors and qualified responses. We also instituted a measurement program that would provide actionable insights for making media budget changes as warranted in the second year of the campaign.


Optimized Collaboration

We would use search, display, mobile and social networks, and programmatic channels purchased directly through publishers. We would also continuously optimize throughout the program to take advantage of highest-performing platforms, channels, and audience targets.


Strategize. Implement. Act.

We implemented a creative strategy consisting of 30-second spots in both InPage (rich-media execution featuring video) and InStream (video ad with video content in a player) to extend TV asset investments. Banner ads were then purchased that featured various product benefits and comparisons with alternative solutions.


Informed Consumers and Tangible Results

In year 1, the cross-platform program proved highly successful in increasing brand awareness, complementing and extending the TV campaign, and driving cost-effective, qualified responses. In year 2, based on the proven effectiveness of digital media, the client was able to reduce total media budget by 8%. 

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