US Fall DigitalPerspectives Shines a Spotlight on the Latest Marketing Predictions for Fall 2016

on December 7, 2016


CHATHAM, NJ — Digital services firm, Theorem, today announced the latest report from its US DigitalPerspectives series that addresses the most recent market changes, developments and forecasts taking place across an evolving media landscape.

Based on feedback from industry-leading agency executives in the United States, DigitalPerspectives provides a quarterly glimpse of emerging digital media trends. Closely monitoring what has taken place across the US market in recent months, ‘innovation’ appears to be the flavor of the season as digital advertising shifts in favor of new ways to engage audiences through personalized, immersive experiences.

“We engage with some of the most respected digital media executives in the business to take the temperature of the market, and identify the most relevant and burning issues on deck,” said Dominic Finney, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Theorem. “With these insights, we’re able to keep a firm pulse on the latest developments and concerns facing a rather fragmented market, which is particularly useful as we move forward into a New Year.”

From shifts in digital ad spending to the real emergence of dynamic creative to deliver high impact personalized messages, Theorem’s new report shines a spotlight on the latest market predictions for Fall 2016. Some key takeaways include:

  • Personalization and dynamic creative are increasingly becoming highly desirable components of video advertisements.
  • Ad spend is shifting to higher-quality inventory—especially through more-transparent mobile private marketplaces (PMPs) and premium publishers.
  • Premium video significantly protects advertisers against the risks inherent in lower-tier audience-only/audience-anywhere models, instead offering targetable and quantifiably real views across multiple screens.


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Brad KitchenUS Fall DigitalPerspectives Shines a Spotlight on the Latest Marketing Predictions for Fall 2016