Theorem Inc. Becomes a Certified Salesforce Partner

on September 12, 2018

New distinction reinforces Theorem’s legacy of specialized platform knowledge


Chatham, NJ – After years of expertly supporting Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients, Theorem has been formally recognized as a certified Salesforce partner.

This globally-acknowledged distinction allows Theorem to tap into a wide range of Salesforce resources in order to deliver even more value to its clients. These include special technologies, trainings and certifications.

Historically, members of the Salesforce partner community have been CRM-centric consultancies. In recent years, however, the demand for expertise in marketing automation has grown exponentially— causing Salesforce to seek out highly specialized partners like Theorem.

With roughly 125 employees already focused on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, Theorem is primed to make a substantial impact as a certified Salesforce partner.

“We have been supporting Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients since the ExactTarget days,”

said Theorem CEO, Jay Kulkarni. “Along the way, we’ve helped several partners augment their delivery capabilities, and we even support Salesforce directly with many of its own enterprise-level clients. We’re thrilled to make things official by formally joining the Salesforce partner community.”

About Theorem

Founded at the onset of the digital marketing revolution in 2002, Theorem is a global, industry-leading digital solutions partner serving organizations throughout the digital media landscape. Many of the world’s leading publishers and media organizations rely on Theorem’s expertise and global scale to help them improve their marketing performance. The company delivers a full suite of advisory services, along with operational and technical solutions, to help clients maximize returns from digital channels.

Headquartered in Chatham, New Jersey, Theorem has offices in New York, Sydney, London, India, and the Dominican Republic. More information is available at

Kara DegeorgisTheorem Inc. Becomes a Certified Salesforce Partner