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Theorem’s DigitalPerspectives is a quarterly report of US digital media leaders that provides valuable insights of a fragmented, complex market. Get the full report here.


Evaluating Vital Ad Insights

The industry is undergoing significant transformation, with zero signs of slowing down. In order to align with this rapidly-changing environment, digital media players need to adopt a strategic approach that recognizes and aligns with these changes at play.

Each quarter, Theorem consolidates key insights of US digital media leaders to gauge trends, changes and developments facing today’s evolving landscape. Our experts share their digital predictions for Fall 2016, spanning mobile fragmentation challenges to premium video campaign opportunities, to educate industry leaders on ways of improving their branding and advertising endeavors.

Key Takeaways

Ad blocking, fraud, and viewability are well-documented barriers to the growth of standard online advertising. Despite those challenges, digital media continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Our latest market data shows that advertisers are shifting dollars in favor of higher-quality inventory and that they’re experimenting with creative that delivers high impact.


Advertisers are redirecting digital ad spend to premium publishers and private marketplaces. Ad spend is shifting to higher-quality inventory—especially through more-transparent mobile private marketplaces and premium publishers.


Online creative is evolving to keep up with consumer demand. The market is rapidly innovating and experimenting in an attempt to keep audiences engaged by giving them personalized, immersive experiences.

Mobile Growth Bolstered by Consumer Behavior

Mobile Spend Shifting from Direct Buys to Private Marketplaces

Brand advertisers looking to target mobile consumers with timely, relevant advertising messages are increasingly using mobile private marketplaces. Mobile programmatic is now audience built—and driven by high-impact creative. It is taking a user-first approach to advertising, and it’s engaging more users and building brand loyalty. PMP buying on programmatic is making it possible to target and engage users at scale. With the ease of automated buying and with the high viewability of in-app advertising, it’s no surprise that 34% of survey respondents predict an uptick in mobile spend via PMPs—either guaranteed or nonguaranteed.

Technology Needs to Mature to Enable Dynamic Creative

Perfecting the Art of Personalization

Many consumers say personalized ads are more engaging and memorable, but the market is still a long way from delivering on that desire. Marketers’ ability to use data to target individuals is common practice, but it’s still the case that the creative itself does not tend to use data in the same way and that the technology needs further development to fully take advantage of that opportunity.

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