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To operate successfully in an advertising environment fueled by informed consumers, industry players must up the ante on their creative execution efforts


Dynamic Creative as the New Formula for Success

These days, consumers are inundated with options. With so many products, services, and competitors flooding the market, brands must embrace creative innovation to ensure their messaging is uniquely tailored to the right audience for maximum impact.

To align with the industry’s sharpening focus on the crafting of personalized experiences, dynamic creative has emerged as a critical element in the programmatic landscape. The caveat? Although creative’s business case is clear, there’s still a level of perplexity surrounding how to do it right.

Our new report, Dynamic Creative as the New Formula for Success digs deeper into the current state of dynamic creative by describing the roadblocks, outlining growth predictions, and suggesting application strategies for better performance and improved return on investment as follows.

Key Takeaways


Adopt a data-driven mind-set for the creative function. Dynamic creative customizes the ad message based on a user’s data profile and real-time behavior, thereby enabling you to engage in a truly one-to-one conversation with your audiences. By having everyone from all of the organizations involved bring their expertises together to build the digital brief, you set the stage for a data-driven campaign that runs smoothly from start to finish.


Be able to integrate data. Dynamically driven ads create personalized content, but there are still areas where it falls short. Advertisers are adopting an audience-first engagement strategy, but to successfully accomplish it, the collection of quality data is vital. An advertiser that wants to do the best job in personalizing its ad content and then delivering those ads to the right audience at the right time and in the right environment will use advanced data integrations as the key piece in the puzzle.


Use one platform for dynamic creative and programmatic. Advertisers have the best chance of reaching their target audiences by using first-party data, third-party data, or a combination of both kinds to target or buy their audiences. Personalizing a consumer’s online experience and being able to do it on a larger scale (i.e., programmatically) give advertisers the best chance of increasing their customer acquisitions. Data is what fuels both dynamic creative optimization and programmatic buying. Therefore, having two valuable industry technologies and putting them on one platform would be extremely valuable.

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