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Performance optimization strategies that drive growth

Prioritizing Digital Innovation

The accelerated pace of market change is creating a mountain of pressure for media owners and requiring new ways for them to manage the revenue business and scale their operations more swiftly than ever before. Companies work with Theorem because our professionals come from within the industry and as a result, have a thorough understanding of the strategic, operational, technological, and financial drivers of performance management.

Strategic Planning for Proven Performance

At Theorem, we’re equipped with the expertise and talent necessary to help media companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation by leveraging their data to make informed decisions, monetizing their assets, growing revenue, and improving operational performance. And because we approach each client engagement with multidisciplinary teams, we’re able to move from idea to implementation faster and more effectively.

Accelerating Digital Performance for the World’s Leading Media Owners

Our outcomes-focused advisory services help organizations identify key levers of growth and bridge the strategy-to-execution gap by assisting clients in operationalizing those plans—quickly and at scale.

Operational Performance

Take advantage of our senior advisors, who address structure, skills, and technology challenges by offering services helping establish operational plans to keep an organization agile and responsive to market shifts.

Data and Analytics

Leverage the value of data to gain the strategic insights required to improve commercial performance and make sound business decisions by way of a multidisciplinary team of advisers, analysts, and data scientists.


Benchmark current performance and identify opportunities to optimize assets, develop new revenue streams, and futureproof the business.

Creative Strategy

Power your creative with a strategy that establishes optimal ad formats and placement as well as with an environmental strategy that will take your organization well into the future.

Overcoming Viewability Obstacles

Digital complexity is driven not only by today’s market fragmentation but also by lack of consistent and agreed-upon market standards. This is especially the case across the digital media landscape, thanks in part to obstacles posed by multiple standards across various platforms and media. In our Pushing Past Viewability’s Limitations blog post, Dominic Finney, Vice President of digital strategy at Theorem, discusses how to push past the limitations posed by current viewability standards.

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Channeling a Performance-Driven Business Model

An influential force across the United Kingdom’s television and independent-film sectors, our client needed a powerful benchmarking tool that would identify opportunities to improve business performance and grow its core revenue models. Honing the insights of our digital-experts panel, Theorem was able to analyze how the market was evolving and then develop a clear set of strategies and best practices. As a result, the client moved quickly from planning to execution and is currently evolving its own business model to accommodate the industry’s emphasis on viewability metrics.

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Demystifying Core Data Principles

Drive Transparency and Accountability across Your Operation

This intensive workshop is designed for digital media companies that are looking to identify both new revenue drivers and potential areas of revenue leakage.

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