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Benchmarking that improves operational performance

Market Insights for Maximum Impact

It’s business critical to know what’s going on in the digital media market; however, staying in the know can seem an impossible task when facing a landscape that’s in a constant state of flux. At Theorem, we empower you to stay focused on short- and long-term commercial business goals by way of performance benchmarking services that keep your organization agile and responsive to rapid market shifts.

Proven Processes for Performance Excellence

With changes affecting all areas of how they monetize their assets, media owners must constantly keep their fingers on the pulse of today’s rapidly evolving digital market. That’s why media owners turn to us to help benchmark commercial performance and identify new areas of opportunity so they can optimize assets, develop new revenue streams, and futureproof their businesses.

Benchmarking Commercial Operations

Thanks to invaluable insights from our digital agency market panel, Theorem can view the full picture of how your business is performing not only across key commercial areas but also against competitors.

Benchmarking Studies

It’s important to analyze the commercial performance of your advertising business because such analysis enables you to determine your core digital and customer management strengths and weaknesses, recognize the best practices of digital leaders in the industry, and identify the greatest untapped areas of opportunity for revenue generation.

Cobranded Studies

Cobranded studies address your organization’s specific digital challenges by painting a clear picture of relevant market sector trends to help you gain insight and deliver value for the wider industry by providing market studies.

Subscription-Based Reports

You’ll stay up to speed with exciting business developments by reading Theorem’s Trends reports—our pioneering product that covers every area of digital innovation. Trends educates your business by monitoring key, qualitative information across the digital media market and then combining those insights with our own industry panel data, which tracks media owner performance.

Tailored Research

Obtaining a deeper understanding of market forces, competitive advantages, and new opportunities is mission critical in the exploration of a new market strategy. Theorem applies its benchmarking approach along with advisory services to architect the best strategy for moving forward across data, technology, processes, and organizational constructs.

Innovation at Lightning Speed

The digital media landscape is undergoing significant transformation, with no signs of slowing down. To keep a competitive edge, digital media players must revamp their commercial media operations to align them with the changes at play. You can explore the latest trends and changes shaking up the media market in our quarterly DigitalPerspectives report.

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Channeling New Areas of Opportunity

An influential force across the United Kingdom’s television and independent-film sectors, our client needed a powerful benchmarking tool that would identify opportunities to improve business performance and grow the company’s core revenue models. Based on the insights of our digital experts panel, Theorem was able to analyze how the market was evolving and develop a clear set of strategies and best practices. As a result, our client moved quickly from planning to execution and is currently evolving its own business model to accommodate the industry’s emphasis on viewability metrics.

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