Digital Perspectives | Trans-Atlantic Trends – Summer 2017

on August 30, 2017

With the growing adoption of digital advertising and programmatic, advertisers have a heightened interest in brand safety, which represents the top concern for agency panelists in the US and UK markets. In the US, digital display will continue to encompass a big part of spend, slowly opening up for video and social, while social, video and native are main growth areas in the UK. Explore some of these trends shaking up the digital media market, in our latest DigitalPerspectives report, below.

Theorem’s DigitalPerspectives is a quarterly report based on a survey of leading digital media agency leaders. DigitalPerspectives was designed to uncover emerging trends, changes, developments, and concerns in the fast-moving digital media marketplace. The survey is conducted by way of a combination of face-to-face interviews and online questionnaires. Questions are designed to collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback to result in major insights.

Theorem panels across the United States, Europe, and Australia are composed of a wide range of agency types, sizes and specialties – from large, integrated agencies to smaller, independent firms. The panelists represent a range of roles as well, including senior titles (partner, executive director), mid-level roles (communications planning, associate director, programmatic trader), and more junior positions (planner/buyer, account executive.)

Kara DegeorgisDigital Perspectives | Trans-Atlantic Trends – Summer 2017

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