Webinar: Driving Disruption from the Inside Out

on April 21, 2017

How Data Holds the Key to Revenue and Better Performance.

The way in which we consume data has changed dramatically over the past decade; creating both challenges and opportunities for media players, struggling to adapt. As a result, digitally-driven organizations are playing a constant game of catch-up as they evolve with novel ways of monetizing content.

 On Tuesday, April 11th, 2017, Digiday hosted an insightful webinar led by Dominic Finney, VP of Digital Strategy at Theorem, and tackled the following:

 Devising a data strategy to increase revenue stream and performance

  • Identifying the models required to analyze relevant data
  • Simplifying and automating the integration of data from disparate sources across the organization
  • Making insights available for decision-makers to utilize and therefore, act on
  • Applying a model Theorem calls the “4A’s” making data your strongest asset

Check out the recording and learn how to make data do more for your performance and monetization goals.

Kara DegeorgisWebinar: Driving Disruption from the Inside Out

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